About Us

The centuries-old traditional weaving & hand embroidery crafts have witnessed multiple transformations in the tastes and fashions of time. However, the crafts could not adapt to changing fashion trends and are fading out.
Absence of resources to adapt the changing market trends, negligible return for the untiring efforts, and, increasing cost of production has brought the crafts at the verge of ending. Resultantly, artisans who had spent their entire life in serving these crafts are now getting into orthodox jobs.
We have been working with multiple national & international organizations for development & promotion of crafts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the last many years. We feel privileged to explore the opportunity of studying the crafts and artisans lives with socio-economic lens. In this span, we come across hundreds of weaving & embroidery artisans saddened, engulfed with grief and living hands-to-mouth even after working for years & years.
This was the turning point that we decided to work on revamping of the weaving & embroidery crafts at our part. We joined hands together to revive these crafts by addressing the challenges constraining artisans to prosper and grow economically. In 2013, we started to source hand woven shawls from Islampur Swat and arranged hand embroideries from different parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and sell it in our social circles and local markets.
However, owing to the market demand for innovative products catching the frequently changing fashion trends, it was imperative to take control of the entire process from raw material to end market.  Our passion for the revival of crafts and artisans finally shaped into “Zarkun” in year 2017. Since then, Zarkun is producing hand woven traditional shawls with exquisite range of hand embroideries from across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Currently Zarkun family is comprised of 25 highly skilled weavers and 300 women embroidery artisans from across the KP province and we endeavor by the grace of almighty Allah to grow this family to whole of Pakistan.
The name Zarkun is derived from Zircon, a natural stone which symbolize fortune, success & happiness. Zarkun envision bringing prosperity in lives of the artisans by reviving the traditional crafts which encompass nature in itself. On the other hand, we consider Pakistan a treasure of unexplored potential in the handicraft sector, we thrive tap the untapped potential of these artisans through innovation and creativity.
Zarkun Handicrafts core business and product line is composed of;
Category Products
  • Gents Plain Shawls
  • Gents Sharri
  • Gents Mufflers
  • Ladies Plain Shawls
  • Ladies Embroidery Shawls
  • Ladies Handloom Designed Shawls
  • Ladies Plain Scarf
  • Ladies Embroidery Scarf
Besides hand woven woollen shawls production and hand embroidery, Zarkun also provide services to leading companies in outsourcing and supplying market led products. Zarkun has emerged as a leading wholesale business enterprise in the field of hand woven woollen and hand embroidery products.
Zarkun’s goal is beyond mere selling as we highlight crafts that make up the rich tapestry of our artistic legacy - an intricate syntax of patterns and motif. Our slogan, “Empowering Artisans” is a “Social Fund” that entails successful transformation of the artisans both socially and economically. Every product that we sell contributes to wellbeing and empowerment of our artisans and their families.
On the other hand, Empowered Artisans with felt responsibility to produce high standard products, Zarkun is determined to satisfy the need of the crafts lovers by giving them easy access to our products and enable them to have a fair exchange of value.
  • Reviving handicrafts
  • Empowering artisans
  • Adoring customers/lives
We bind ourselves with the following;
  • To revive traditional crafts of our country by enabling craft and artisans’ skills as a sustainable form of livelihoods for marginalized communities
  • To project our cultural values with quality and reach to handicrafts’ lovers
Reviving handicrafts by empowering artisans and adoring customers
  • Empowering artisans to having better living standards
  • Revival of handicrafts and giving easy access to craft lovers
  • Zarkun intends to project handmade products across Pakistan and abroad in the future
Zarkun envisions to be a leading handicraft brand adhering to fair trade principles and customers’ integrity.
  • Respect (focused on both our Artisans and Customers)
  • Reward (to both artisans and customers)
  • Fair exchange of values
  • ethical conduct and practices,
  • integrity